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Let’s save children together!
Anya Baitinger
Anya Baitinger, 16 years old,
Korkinom Chelyabinsk Region
Diagnose: multiple sclerosis, central tetraparesis syndrome, sensitive disorder syndrome, cerebellar disorder syndrome
Necessary: nonmieloblastic immunosuppressive therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
Kids who need help
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Historical highlights

UCOR's Founding Congress was held in Moscow on 24 November 2000 by the initiative and with full organisational support of the Maritime Charity Fund (Moscow).

The Congress Organising Committee was chaired by Maritime Charity Fund's President P.A. Ishchenko.

The Union's main constituent event was attended by 393 delegates and participants representing 312 organisations, involved in charitable activities in 59 regions of the Russian Federations, which accounts for over 66% of all Russian regions.

The delegates resolved at the Congress that UCOR should be established, with 237 organisations from 59 regions of Russia as its co-founders.

Furthermore, they approved a resolution entitled "UCOR's Priorities and Action Plan."

The Organising Committee presented the draft Charter and the Ethical Code of the Union, which were also favoured by the delegates.

Then, Union's executive officers were elected, including the Presidium, the Auditing Commission and the President, who under the Charter is dual-hatted as the UCOR Chairman.

On 26 December 2000, UCOR received Certificate of State Registration No. 002.025.126 issued by the Moscow Registration Chamber.

We always welcome new members!

UCOR contact details:

Official address: 15a Olonetskaya St., Moscow, 127273 Russia
Postal address: 10 Kosmonavta Volkova St., Moscow, 127299 Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 225-13-16
E-mail: sbor@sbornet.ru