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Let’s save children together!
Anya Baitinger
Anya Baitinger, 16 years old,
Korkinom Chelyabinsk Region
Diagnose: multiple sclerosis, central tetraparesis syndrome, sensitive disorder syndrome, cerebellar disorder syndrome
Necessary: nonmieloblastic immunosuppressive therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
Kids who need help
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Billion in Small Change

  • Mission: pooling the efforts of the public for an integrated resolution of children's oncology problems
  • The programme has been devised and implemented by the Union of Charitable Organisations of Russia.

Let us save children together!

The Union of Charitable Organisations of Russia (UCOR) is the only Russian umbrella organisation uniting over 300 organisations from 64 constituents of the Russian Federation.

Along with resolving problems pertaining to charitable activities in Russia, UCOR is running a number of its own philanthropic programmes, one of which is the first nation-wide charitable programme, A Billion in Small Change. The programme implies encouraging donations and spending them in a purposeful manner on resolving urgent problems of children's oncology in Russia and aid to children suffering from cancer and needing urgent medical treatment.

Since the launch of the programme in January 2003, upwards of 5,380,000 euros have been donated to UCOR. Owing to UCOR's assistance, over 200 kids from Russia and other European countries have been given treatment in various hospitals of the country. Many of them have already been discharged and been back with their families and friends.

However, cancer persists, unfortunately.

Every two hours, a child falls ill with cancer. This means that even today hundreds boys and girls are far away from their homes, undergoing treatment in oncologic centres and hospitals.

Many of them are waiting for help form merciful people.

Let us save these children together!