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LetТs save children together!
Anya Baitinger
Anya Baitinger, 16 years old,
Korkinom Chelyabinsk Region
Diagnose: multiple sclerosis, central tetraparesis syndrome, sensitive disorder syndrome, cerebellar disorder syndrome
Necessary: nonmieloblastic immunosuppressive therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
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ParentsТ address to the united nations

Parents ask the un to set up a global cancer children database

A signature-gathering campaign has begun in Russia to have people sign the address of cancer-carrying children's parents to the United Nations asking for establishing a global database on cancer-stricken children and the special international Cancer Carrier Children Fund.

The Civic Initiative - Cancer Patients nongovernmental organisation in New York City led by Dr. Yuri Khalinsky launched the campaign that has been underway in many countries. It is aimed at drawing the attention of the public worldwide to the problem of paediatric oncology and having it discussed by the UN General Assembly. Every cancer-stricken child in any country should be listed in the Global Cancer Carrier Children database that the UN should establish. He or she should be provided with timely comprehensive assistance. This would save lives of tens of thousand children having cancer every year.

The signature-gathering campaign is under way in Russia. Upon its completion, the address signed by parents and supplemented with photographs of ill children, including their diagnoses, will be sent to the United Nations. About 10,000 signatures are expected to be gathered.

In Russia, the Union of Charitable Organisations of Russia (Russian acronym SBOR) that has been running successful programmes on aiding cancer carrier children for several years now coordinates the campaign. SBOR hereby asks all parents, whose children have cancer, to sign the address to the UN individually or as part of groups of parents, provide the information requested and send the address together with children's photographs to SBOR (see the text of the address, signature-gathering form and other relevant information at SBOR's Web site www.sbornet.com SBOR counts on support by medical institutions, nonprofit organisations aiding caner-carrying children, volunteer and student organisations and individual volunteers.

Coordinates for communication:

Union of Charitable Organisations of Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (495) 225-13-16
Web site: www.sbornet.com