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Let’s save children together!
Anya Baitinger
Anya Baitinger, 16 years old,
Korkinom Chelyabinsk Region
Diagnose: multiple sclerosis, central tetraparesis syndrome, sensitive disorder syndrome, cerebellar disorder syndrome
Necessary: nonmieloblastic immunosuppressive therapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
Kids who need help
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Let’s save children together!

Under the first Billion in Small Change national charitable programme, the Union of Charitable Organisations of Russia, supported by a number of newspapers and magazines, wages a campaign aimed at gathering donations for urgent paid surgeries and medicine for gravely ill children.

The programme consists in drawing attention of private persons and organisations to the problems of paediatric oncology and raising monetary and other material donations relevant to provision of expensive medical aid not covered by the state budget.

The programme is aimed at helping those whose lives depend on it. Since such people are seriously ill children, as a rule, one should realise that treatment do not always grant the positive result. However, the principles of humanism commit us to struggle for the life of every child to the end. We can give every ill child a chance for survival. This is our common moral obligation. Even if the chance is last and success is not guaranteed, it must be exploited to the full.

The grounds for having a child covered by the programme are as follows:

  • written application of the parents, relatives, guardians or social workers to the Union of Charitable Organisations of Russia with a help plea (the application should be addressed to the SBOR president);
  • similar application by the doctor(s) in charge or a higher medical specialist or specialists;
  • official medical report containing recommendations on the type of paid treatment required.

List of documents required by SBOR:

  1. Date-bearing application of the parents, relatives, guardians or social workers, briefly recounting the life and illnesses of the child and granting agreement for media coverage, including the Internet.
  2. Official medical report specifying the type of paid medical treatment required (a copy of the bill from the clinic to provide such treatment, as required);
  3. Full postal address and telephone numbers of the parents (including the postal code) as well as other detail if available;
  4. Colour or black-and-white photograph - a close-up, an informal picture of the child in the need of treatment (it can be returned if necessary);
  5. Personal data of the author of the application, his or her taxpayer number and the number of state pension insurance certificate;
  6. Report of the local social protection body on the circumstance of the family.

The work team shall check all documents submitted by the parents.

Detailed information on every ill child covered by the programme, donations for his or her treatment and the way they are spent is displayed on the SBOR's Web site at http://www.sbornet.com.

Accounts and records shall prove any spending of the money. A type of additional accounts and records is the information provided by the parents of the child and healthcare providers about the results produced by the assistance.

Contact details:

Legal address: 15A Olonetskaya St., Moscow, 127273, Russia
Postal address: 10 Kosmonavta Volkova St., Moscow, 127299, Russia
Telephone: +7 (495) 225-13-16